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732 Gaines Street Davenport, IA 52802

Uniting community resources of volunteer service, professional expertise, and financial assets to save abandoned buildings in our neighborhood.


To:  The  Honorable Bill Gluba and members of the Davenport City Council

From:  Gateway Redevelopment Group

Date:  October 23, 2013

RE:  Action Plan for 510 West 6th Street


Friends of 510 - Saving One of Davenport’s Most Historic Properties


Time is running short for one of Davenport’s most historic and most endangered properties. Your action is required now. The Gateway Redevelopment Group (GRG) requests the City of Davenport to acquire the abandoned Lambrite-Iles-Petersen House at 510 West 6th Street and to enter into a partnership with GRG to save the property. To facilitate this process, GRG has established a “Friends of 510” loan pledge fund to pay for documenting, stabilizing and marketing the house. To date, the fund stands at $38,120 pledged by 60 people and GRG.


We propose the following action plan for the partnership between the City of Davenport and GRG once the property has been acquired.  To that end, GRG would do the following:


  1. Immediately arrange to have utilities restored to the building. (Due 30 days from GRG acquisition)
  2. Immediately, hire an historic architect and historic conservator to evaluate the property. The architect’s report will assess architectural significance, condition, and identify areas that need to be dealt with immediately for its survival. The conservator’s report will include a complete inventory of historic elements and how to conserve them. (Report due 30 days from GRG acquisition )
  3. Based on these reports, develop and implement recommendations to stabilize and protect the property from further deterioration and decay. ( Report due 40 days from receipt of architect/conservator report)
  4. Submit a nomination to place property individually on the National Register of Historic Places. (Nomination submitted 45 days from GRG acquisition)
  5. Develop a marketing plan that includes historical background, estimates for rehabilitation as well as potential sources of funding with the goal of securing a new private owner/developer for the property. (Plan due 45 days from GRG acquisition)
  6. Ongoing, GRG serves as fiscal agent for any donations, loans or grants received for this project.


GRG is willing to work with the city in any form of partnership or agreement, as necessary, to save this important structure.


GRG is a 501 c 3 organization whose mission is saving abandoned properties in the Gold Coast/Hamburg Historic District. Its track record of achieving its mission is evidenced by the restoration of the Jipp Home and Grocery at 730-732 Gaines and the Bredow House at 822 Gaines. These two properties, each at one time #1 on the city’s demolition list, have now been returned to useful purpose due to the efforts of GRG.  In recognition of its efforts, GRG has been the recipient of five statewide and local preservation awards.


Attachment: History of the Iles-Lambrite-Petersen House


Gateway Redevelopment Group, Davenport, Iowa