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732 Gaines Street Davenport, IA 52802

Uniting community resources of volunteer service, professional expertise, and financial assets to save abandoned buildings in our neighborhood.


Friends of 510

Current Status

After the proposal to locally landmark 510 was submitted to the city council in 2012, GRG members spent a good part of last summer attending city council meetings. The council finally agreed that it was indeed “an abandoned building” and approved it as a local landmark.

Public Works boarded up the building and nailed on temporary rolled roofing in late fall 2012. There are still holes in the soffits that allow water and animals in.

 The fallen tree was removed from house.

The city has intermittently cut the grass and cleared some bushes but trees are still growing against the front retaining wall, pushing it out, and the lot is overgrown with unwanted vegetation.

Instead of using Iowa State code  CHAPTER 657A ABANDONED OR UNSAFE BUILDINGS -ABATEMENT BY REHABILITATION to acquire the property, city legal staff purchased the delinquent tax certificates. Before the city could take title to the deed, the owner paid them in full, spending over $7,000 to do so.


GRG would initiate a “Friends of 510” project, headed by GRG member Mike Ryan.

We will appeal to the city council to save this abandoned building.

If required GRG would be willing to accept title to the property.

GRG would immediately establish a pledge fund earmarked for use by the 510 project. These pledges would become zero interest loans due when city council selects GRG to be responsible for the project. They would be repaid in full or part from the proceeds of selling 510. 

GRG would serve as fiscal agent for any donations, loans or grants received.


Scope of Work for “Friends of 510” Project

Purpose: To Save One of Davenport’s Most Historic Properties


Hire a qualified historic architect and an historic conservator to make evaluation and submit report of what areas need to be addressed, with priorities and a complete inventory of assets.

Nominate structure for individual listing on the National Register of Historic Places.       


Based upon architect recommendations, make property safe from further degradation and marketable.


Develop criteria for restoration.

Market property with caveat that interested parties would be required to agree to a set of guidelines (to be determined based on conservator/architect assessments and likely negotiable) in restoring the home both internally and externally.   






Gateway Redevelopment Group, Davenport, Iowa