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732 Gaines Street Davenport, IA 52802

Uniting community resources of volunteer service, professional expertise, and financial assets to save abandoned buildings in our neighborhood.

Friends of 510

Clean up

GRG started clean up of 510 on November 6, 2014.

We had 17 members participate in the cleanup. All papers of historical value to the house or neighborhood were saved. All the antiques, collectibles and historical pieces stayed in the house.

After 7 days:

We put in 195 hours of volunteer service (click to see photos)

We filled 2 -30 yard dumpsters, 2 - 4 yard trailers of cardboard, 1 - 4 yard trailer of bottles and cans, 1 trailer load of electronics, 1 trailer with 750 lbs. of hazardous containers and 2500 lbs of scrap metal (click to see photos)

All rooms except the library and second floor addition are now accessible (click to see photos)

Outside we installed temp power pole, removed vines from steps and front of house, dug out the brick path to the kitchen (click to see photos)


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