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732 Gaines Street Davenport, IA 52802

Uniting community resources of volunteer service, professional expertise, and financial assets to save abandoned buildings in our neighborhood.

Rehabilitation of 820 W 6th Street

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820 Rehabilitation Plan

GRG would take title to the property.

 GRG would establish an 820 Rehabilitation Fund of $40,000 consisting of $5,000 from GRG and $35,000 from Wells Fargo.

GRG would maintain the property until a qualified person could be found to rehabilitate the property.

 If, in the unlikely case a qualified person cannot be found, GRG would take on the project as Developer/General Contractor and complete the project as outlined below. 

 GRG’s Architectural Rescue Shop will make its stock of salvaged architectural items available at no charge to the rehabilitator.

 The rehabilitator would be reimbursed $40,000 from the 820 Rehabilitation Fund for all the rehabilitation at a rate of two dollars for of every three dollars spent.

 Rehabilitator selection will be similar to the process used for 406 West 8th St.

 The rehabilitator must agree to:

            Purchase property from GRG for $5,000.

Spend at least $60,000 in rehabilitation costs including landscaping and site development.

Rehab the house per Davenport city code to make it habitable within one year of taking possession of the property.

GRG reviewing and approving their rehab plan and establishing checkpoints for payment of matching funds.

Obtain HPC approval for all exterior work requiring permits, including but not limited to changes to exterior doors, roofing, windows, and changes to exterior materials or design.

Have all required city building permits and inspections for all work being performed.

            Complete interior work, trim, finish flooring, and other interior finishes in a professional and workmanlike manner.

 GRG would:

            Review and approve all rehab plans.

            Reimburse rehabilitation expenses based on invoices for pre-approved check points.

            Hold a $40,000 lien on the property, which would be forgivable after 5 years from the date of purchase if the following conditions are met: 

  The house remains single family occupancy. 

  The property is maintained according to Davenport city code.

              Home owners insurance for the property is maintained.

              The property is kept free of all delinquent taxes or liens. 

 The lien is transferable if the property is sold before the end of the 5 years as long as the original lien conditions are met.



Gateway Redevelopment Group, Davenport, Iowa