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732 Gaines Street Davenport IA 52802

GRG On Going Projects
Project Contact Tasks   What's needed
Apartment Dave Cordes Apartment is rented!
Resource Center   Install finished floor    Molding primed.
  Install picture frame molding   
  Strip, prime, paint window trim & windows   
  Install window and door trim  
  Set up resource center  
Jipp Exterior   Finish Painting House and Store    
refinish front bench
complete limestone border
expanded flower garden along Gaines
Store Interior   Install dumbwaiter    
  Install tin ceiling  
  install trim back room of house  
  complete steps between store and house  
  install bathroom fan  
  Paint interior shop walls  
  Install front and side door inside trim  
  Inventory stock  
Run\Open ARS        
Loading Dock   Repair termite damaged beam    
? finish door and windows under dock  
  Get salvage jobs and recruit salvagers
Assist  JH\MM help people obtain funding for restoration projects    
Promote ALL Promote our neighborhood    
  Attend community meetings and preservation workshops  
  Form alliances  
Develop power point presentations  
Membership on QCHC  
Raise Money ALL Recruit members    
? Write grants  
Maintain David L Mow grass    
Shovel snow  
Website grgdavenport Jack Update and maintain website    


Gateway Redevelopment Group, Davenport, Iowa