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732 Gaines Street Davenport IA 52802

Jipp Project Progress


May 2004 we launched our Friends of Jipp Plan to save .Click here to see initial plan.

June 2004 we received a $2,500 3 to 1 challenge grant from the Riverboat Development Authority (RDA) to help stabilize and mothball the Jipp. 

August 2004 we raised over $7,500 from neighbors in support of saving the Jipp. Click here to see Friends of Jipp donations. 

September 2004 we received a $5,500 Emergency grant from the State Historical Society of Iowa. Click here to see SHSI Emergency grant request. 

November 2004 we received a United Neighbors award for the saving of the Jipp. Click here.

November 2004 we completed our phase one stabilization and mothballing the Jipp for the winter.

December 2004 the Jipp is removed from the Davenport Demolition list.                   Click here.

March 2005 we received a $49,150 Historical Site Preservation Grant for the SHSI. 

Click here to see our grant application.

 Click here to see the award. 

March 2005 we received letter of support from the Davenport Historical Preservation Commission. Click here.

May 2005 we received a $35,000 match grant from the Riverboat Development Authority. Click here to see our grant application.

June 2005  Started Phase Two construction.

August 2005 completed cedar roof.

September 2005 Rebuilt store floor and  loading dock.

December 2005 Completed initial store front.







April - July 2006 Worked on store interior cleanup.

September 2006 Completed basic store front renovation

October 2006 Installed store stairs and ceiling.

November 2006 Installed furnace.

December 2006 Open for neighborhood Christmas tour.

January 2007 Insulated store.

February 2007 Installed store toilet.

March 2007 finished loading dock interior.

May 2007 started using store for salvage storage.

December 2007 Received $18,000 grant from the QCHC for 80% median income apartment on 2nd floor of the Jipp house.

June 2008 Contractor starts work on the apartment.

December 2008 Contractor finishes his part of work on apartment.

April 2009 Volunteers complete drywall first floor of house. Work continues to complete apartment by July  and resource center by August.




Gateway Redevelopment Group, Davenport, Iowa