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ARS Letters and Emails

October 15, 2015

Jim and Jack,

Attached you will find pictures of our new sun porch floor made from the used pine/fir flooring that I purchased from your group.  We are quite happy with the way it turned out. I sanded it lightly with 120 grit using my belt sander, after rounding off the uneven edges with 80 grit. The really bare spots were then stained with a diluted cherry stain.  After that, I put down two coats of polyurethane. You will also see that there are no butt joints in this floor.

Thanks for all your help and ideas on this project,

Ed Broders





June 20, 2015

Good use for a single pocket door. Hardware from Home Depot.


December 28, 2014

Hi Jack,

The wood panel worked out great as a head board. Here's a photo.

 I sanded down the perimeter frame parts and did not touch the finish of the middle panel. Then I used spray shellac.


July 25, 2014



July 14, 2014

Who says water and electricity don't mix!

July 11, 2014

Salvage kitchen cabinet from Argo 1867 farm house basement.




June 23, 2014

Just wondering how many people out there don't realize how something old can be turned into something beautiful and amazing.  I purchased one solid oak door for just $60.00 and look what it turned into.  The door knob plates were so indescribably ornate, which I used to put behind two lights I purchased.  It took some sanding and refinishing, but well worth the work.  (And a little help from husband with the wiring).  None of this could have been possible without the Architectural Rescue Shop.  I highly recommend shopping at your store before buying at a retail store.  You can spend thousands of dollars on headboard for your bed, but what lies beneath the old stain and varnish is something that can't be matched in any store for any price.  As for me, when I spend time working with wood, it's always thought more of knowing you did this-bringing a once used piece of time forgotten craftsmanship back to life.  Next time I'm in the Quad Cities I defiantly will be stopping to see what me next project I can breath life into.  Thank you again for all the help when I visited your shop.


Wheatland, IA







Made with your parts. Richard


July 12, 2013

Hello Jack,

You may not remember, but last year when we bought a bunch of doors and trim, I promised to send you the pictures of how we used them in our attic.  Finally I got around to it! We think it looks beautiful. Thanks for all your help.






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