From the Architectural Rescue Shop in Davenport Iowa

 Early  1900 Victor Cannonball Safe

$1,500  SOLD

We estimate this safe to weigh somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 LBS. For this reason pick up is suggested. If necessary we can hold it, store it and help you load it. For an idea of what it took us to move this safe check out our web page

The great Safe Caper

We have not yet figured out how to lock the safe. The dial does not turn so we have only closed it enough to hold the door closed.. We have an email from the previous owner stating

"Here are two possible combinations, and I believe that the first one is the correct one. BUT as I mentioned the actual combination has not been used for several years as it became difficult to open. Prior to locking it they may want a locksmith to look at it.  Sorry for the unclear direction but I don't want them to lock and be unable to open.   Option 1   R-4-89, L-3-26, R-2-44,  L-1-99  THE OTHER OPTION   L-4-2,  R-3-79,   L-2-17, R-1-64"

The combination for the inside lock and clock key is in the safe but that dial gets tight when it is turned so I was not been able to verify it either.

 The decorative cap that screws over the top door hinge bolt is stripped. The wheel that is used to close the door fits loosely and easily slides off and on.

Otherwise it appears to be in good shape.

The trapezoid base is welded plate steel with 4 bolts that allow removal of the front plate so the safe can be jacked up.

The only markings are on the inside of the front door.  Bankers Dustproof Time lock Co Cincinnati O  and 8 Victor Patent dates - latest one being Dec 1, 1908

The 3 watch movements marked  Made Special by Illinois Watch Co Springfield.

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